Every monitor displays web graphics slightly different. This is due to both the make of the monitor (such as LCD vs. traditional CRT monitors) as well as the gamma, contrast and brightness settings. The pictures on my web site are designed to look their best in printed form, not necessarily for monitor display. Of course, they look their closest to actual prints on my monitor at home because that is what I use to do my post-processing to ready a picture for print. This should be kept in mind when viewing my pictures and considering a purchase. The framed picture that you purchase will probably look better than what you see on this web site!

If you're curious about the settings of your monitor, the following can assist you in calibration. The below image should have minor but distinct differences between the last two white and last two black boxes.
Another good place to calibrate your monitor is the following site:

http://epaperpress.com/monitorcal/ (opens in new browser)